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Industrial Park


Brighton is home to a number of small to medium sized industrial businesses. With an existing vibrant and occupied business park, the Municipality purchased 51 acres of industrially-zoned land in recent years. 


Brighton Business Park - Business Plan

In 2012 a plan was completed for Brighton's Business Park based on the Municipality's purchase of industrially-zoned land that abuts the northeast boundary of the existing Business Park. In the 2007 Employment Lands Strategy this property was identified as the preferred alternative for new employment lands. With new land in possession, the Municipality moved ahead with services for this new supply of property making it investment ready.

The Business Plan provides updated market intelligence and marketing advice to improve the Municipality's prospects of selling its land and more quickly create new tax assessment and local jobs. The Business Plan covers three main sections; Market Analysis, Land Supply Analysis and an Action Plan for Marketing and Promotions.

Brighton Business Park Business Plan - Click here



Industrial Park Expansion

Brighton Industrial Park has received the Investment Ready Certified Site Designation!

With 34 lots planned for the expansion area, Brighton is the perfect place to make your own future! For  details on investment opportunities in Brighton:


Industrial Park Video (YouTube Link)

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