Where the Past Greets the Fututre
Legal Services
A.J. Camp, Barrister & Solicitor
Law Firm - Real Estate, Wills and Estates
Aleesh Camp
24 Prince Edward St
P.O. Box 868
Brighton, ON
K0K 1H0
Tel: 1-613-475-2421

Cynthia J. Weaver
P.O. Box 1660
Brighton, ON
K0K 1H0
Tel: 1-613-475-4645

Lamain Law
Criminal Defence, young offenders, child and
family services
Paul W. Lamain
P.O.Box 668
Tel: 613-849-7002
Fax: 613-475-1951

Mann, McCracken, Bebee & Ross
13 Young St P.O. Box 1600
Brighton, ON, K0K 1H0
Tel: 1-613-475-3444
Fax: 1-613-475-3447
Thompson Law Office
Legal services
Dan Thompson
P.O. Box 40
67 Main Street
Brighton, ON, K0K 1HO
Tel: 1-613-475-1175
Fax: 1-613-475-4012